Watercolor Cake

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Watercolor Cake (Photo)

It seems the colorful food craze is still alive and strong. And why shouldn't it be? What's wrong with lots of bright colors? Or, in this case, soothing pastels?

Delish reports that after the bright unicorn color trend has worn out its welcome, people are looking to balance out the brightness with both dark colors (like those in the charcoal latte and coconut-ash ice cream) and subtler ones as well. The watercolor coffee cake is one such subtle-colored item.

The coffee cake was posted to Reddit, and has since gone viral, reportedly. The person who posted the cake followed Nigella Lawson's coffee walnut cake recipe, then frosted as the baker pleased.

It really is something you can gaze at for a soothing effect after a long day. It seems a shame to eat it … almost. The case for eating it is pretty strong once you find out what's in it. The cake is frosted with a crumb coat of Swiss meringue buttercream, flavored with coffee, and added extra buttercream and walnuts between each layer.

Still too pretty to eat? Depends on how bad your day's been … or how sweet your sweet tooth is. Personally, I'm all about eating it. Save the picture for later admiration and savor the flavors while they're still good.

According to one Redditor, a new trend today is getting back into baking homemade cakes again, like the good ol' days. That probably means we have plenty more awesome cake pictures to look forward to in the future. I'm also getting the vibe that the trend is cute and small desserts, as this cake appears to be just a bit bigger than the coffee mug sitting next to it. Bite-sized rainbow cakes with buttercream and coffee for dessert? Yes, please!

Check out the recipe and see if you can make the cake, too! Just put your own fancy little spin on it, with colors and different layerings, and maybe you can go viral, too. Making a cake from scratch is really not as difficult as it may sound. You mostly need flour and water!