The Latest Coffee Trend? Diamond Glitter Cappuccinos (Photos)

The term "extra" no longer applies to drama queens. The latest wave in "extra" curricular activities is nose-diving into glittering disco ball cappuccinos (pictured below).

May your Saturday night shine and sparkle just as bright as our Gold and Diamond Cappuccino! #CoffeeByDiBella #CBD #DiBella

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The Australian-founded coffee company, Coffee By Di Bella, serves Australia and quickly spread across Mumbai for its coveted and very over-the-top Diamond Cappuccinos, which of course come with your choice of glitter (a sparkle of genius).

Want to shine bright like a diamond or feel as good as gold? Have a barista blow iridescent glitter and gold sparkles straight into your coffee for that "extra" you were looking for (espresso shot and almond milk, aside).

One Instagram user said that the glitter coffee leaves you with a shiny lip gloss and has a creamier texture going in; what happens going out is none of our business but one of marked interest. The food-safe edible glitter does little for taste as far as we know; all that glitter is just gold and pointedly for the aesthetic seekers.

The Mumbai-based cafe looks exceptionally magical when cast under different angles, and if you look closely you just might connect with Rihanna's libretto. And this glamor coffee puts a new spin on "rise and shine."

Popsugar pointed out that Coffee By Di Bella is not the only one peddling sparkle joes. Another coffee house called Melbourne in Lichfield was spotted in England for also serving similar diamond cappuccinos, owing its sparkle to fairy dust that "just let off wind" (pictured below).

Glitter cappuccinos are worth a whirl, so long as they are safe to consume and do not leave glitter between our teeth; how do you explain that to someone? No word on the taste, but my guess is: coffee-tasting.

We've been tweaking and tailoring our coffee addiction for millennia. Keto dieters crack eggs and MCT oil into their cup of joe for a "supercharged," "fat-burning" brew. Latin Americans dip queso blanco into coffee because it's delicioso. Starbucks pumps viscous syrups of rainbow colors into turbocharged coffee orders for the severely under-caffeinated and over-dependent.

And now, just ahead of Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccinos comes the Diamond Capp. It seems like our coffee is headed for a bright and colorful future.