The McRib Is Back And There's An App So You Can Find It

That’s right; the McRib is back, but not everywhere. It can only be found in a few specific locations, and McDonald's has granted us a way to find those.

According to Brand Eating, McDonald’s has developed a free new app that shows you the location of the nearest McRib based on your own location and what’s closest to you. You can also send directions to the nearest McRib location to your friends, assuming they’d like to be enjoying one with you.

Now, before you start thinking, "Okay I would have jumped all over this except that there were all those rumors of the meat being fake…," I have news for you there, too. The Huffington Post reported in 2014 that after these types of allegations surfaced, McDonald’s took the initiative and invited Wes Bellamy, a high school teacher in Oklahoma who mentioned these suspicions via social media, and Grant Imahara of Mythbusters to come and tour a facility where the sandwiches were being mass produced.

What Bellamy and Imahara found was that the meat used in these sandwiches was legitimately pork. They also found that all that was added to the pork was salt, dextrose (sugar) and preservatives. The pork is basically mashed into shape and flash frozen to be distributed to McDonald’s stores where we can enjoy them at our leisure. That is, if we live close to a location that serves them, or if we have the app that allows us to find them.

If you were worried, I hope this has calmed your mind. You can enjoy a McRib knowing full well that it’s made of actual pork. Now, if you’re interested in downloading the app, it’s called “McDonald’s McRib Finder,” and is available from the app store for iOS users. Sorry, Android friends; I guess McRib locating is only for Apple fans.

Go to the app store and search the app. Make sure your location services are on so it knows where you’re at! Good luck and happy McRib finding.