The Most Expensive Bottle Of Wine Just Sold At Auction (Photo)

To me, anything more expensive than Two-Buck Chuck is considered splurging.

Meanwhile, a human being inhabiting the very same planet as me just dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single bottle of the most expensive wine ever sold at an auction, according to a press release from The Emeril Lagasse Foundation, which put on the New Orleans charity auction in question.

The 2015 bottle of The Setting Wines Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon sold for a record $350,000. This is second only to a $500,000 bottle of cabernet sauvignon auctioned in 2000 in Napa Valley, although that was an imperial-sized bottle, which holds around eight regular wine bottles and thusly does not compare, notes The Daily Meal.

Celebrity winemaker Jesse Katz -- who incidentally is also the youngest person in America to ever become a head winemaker -- created the wildly expensive bottle for Hollywood agent Shep Gordon, who autographed it and donated it to Lagasse's auction.

"We're thrilled with the success of a record-breaking fundraising weekend," Emeril Lagasse Foundation President Brian Kish said, according to the organization's press release. "We strive to give back to our community and beyond, and are proud to support so many well-deserving organizations and projects that will impact youth for years to come."

While it may not come close to the $350,000 bottle, a 2015 pinot noir from Bob Cabral also sold for $50,000, which is still pretty dang impressive, if you ask me.

Plus, it's all going to a great cause: children's charities that focus on culinary, nutrition and arts programs.

"Each year the funds raised during our annual signature events allow us to build upon and further expand the Foundation's charitable work, ensuring that we continue to make a positive difference in the lives of young people across the country," Chef Emeril Lagasse said. "My wife Alden and I are grateful for the generosity of our donors, sponsors, participating chefs and the New Orleans community who continue to make it all possible."