The New Choco Chip Oreo Marries Two Of Nabisco's Iconic Cookies (Video)

Among many other things, 2016 will surely go down in history as the Year Of The Oreo.

First, the brand's Wonder Vault debuted a cinnamon bun flavor in January; and after rolling out a seeming never-ending cavalcade of tasty iterations, the Wonder Vault has now launched Oreo's latest darling: The "Choco Chip" Oreo (video below).

Unlike the Oreo-Ception (aka the cookies and cream-flavored Oreo), this new cookie-flavored cookie truly combines the best of two iconic Nabisco brands: Oreos and Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.

Described by TIME as "a first-ever dual-flavored wafer -- golden and chocolate -- with chocolate chip creme inside," the flavor will be available starting the week of July 11 for a limited time (a spokeswoman tells Eater that this means usually six to eight weeks).

Check out the sweet promotional video for the new flavor below: