The New Oreos Are As Sweet As Apple Pie (Photo)

Yes, yes, yes!

Look, I know that Oreo is at this point ubiquitous for churning out new flavor after new flavor at, like, an alarmingly prolific rate, but that doesn't stop me from going super extra with my excitement every time it happens. It doesn't matter that there are so many flavors out there that I doubt I'll ever be able to sample them all; I like that challenge.

And let's be real: Can you ever seriously have enough Oreo variety in your life? I don't think so, which is why this new announcement comes as a welcome surprise to me, and I'm sure to the legion of fellow Oreos fans out there.

According to the Instagram user The Junk Food Aisle, the next new Oreo flavor slated to hit the shelves is the Apple Pie-flavored Oreo, and I for one can't wait. It seems like the perfect treat to enjoy as the weather really begins to start heating up.

"Coming Soon! Limited Edition Apple Pie Oreo! Featuring a graham flavored cookie, these Oreos should be out this summer," they wrote on their Instagram post.

What a genius move by the Oreo flavor-makers (is there an official job for the people who taste test and suggest new flavor combinations of Oreos? And if so, where do I send my application?) to nix the traditional chocolate wafer in lieu of the golden one, which is bound to pair magnificently with an Apple Pie-inspired filling.

The packaging on the Instagram post seems to suggest that, like many of its predecessors, the Apple Pie Oreo flavor is a limited edition product, so I suggest you all try to snag yourselves a box of these beauties before Oreo pulls them from the shelves and you'll be forced to purchase them online.