The Scariest Game You Can Play For A Free Shot (Video)

What would you do for a free shot? 

Sing a little karaoke? Dance on a table? Eat a raw egg?

If this is all too much for you, then you'll probably be paying for your alcohol at Thailand's Mong Bar, where the only way to get a free shot is to basically sacrifice the integrity of a finger.

Mong Bar will give you a free shot of Mekhong whiskey if you agree to let the bartender put you through a truly terrifying version of the knife game, according to Grub Street. 

If you want to see just how terrifying, check out the video below, which features a power drill, an ax, a butcher's knife, and a hammer moving all too swiftly between someone's outstretched fingers. 

You'll probably get nervous just watching.

Sweating yet?

Either this guy really, really wanted a free shot, or he was in it for the adrenaline rush. Or both. Either way, he obviously thought it was worth a shot (haha, get it?). 

According to Grub Street, the power drill portion appears to be the crowd favorite, perhaps because it is the most menacing. One bad move and the drill goes right through your finger. And at the end of it you get just one shot of cheap whiskey? Seriously? 

It seems the free shot (or, more appropriately, shots) should be given to the participants before they subject themselves to this horrifying game. Whoever agrees to go through this trauma should probably get free drinks all night (not to mention some counseling). It's wild that some people think this game is worth a shot (both literally and figuratively).

One would just hope that the bartender hasn't had too many free shots himself.