The Ultimate Bro Drink: Fireball Whiskey In A Box

Remember all of that boxed wine you enjoyed in college? Of course you do. Franzia is a college student's best friend. But now it looks like Franzia has some competition over that title -- since we know Fireball is another close friend.

That's right; according to Thrillist, Fireball now has a Firebox. As Fireball (cinnamon-flavored whiskey) is more of a "bro drink" than anything else, I'd say it's the frat-boy alternative to Franzia. Still, at 55 shots per box, I'd say it's a bit more dangerous to try and chug it old-school-style.

One box has two bags, and as you can see, there's most definitely a use for that feature.

College partying may never be the same. Then again, if you're a classy Fireball drinker (huh?) you can always refer to the label on the box for actual drink recipes, according to Grub Street. For example, you could try the "Angry Balls" recipe, mixing Angry Orchard hard cider with Fireball Whiskey. And who knows? Maybe you need a whole entire box worth of Angry Balls.

Fireball hosts quite a few seasonal drink recipes on its website, so even if you're a seasonal, holiday Fireball drinker, you can benefit from using this box. Hey, it's not reserved just for college kids, right?

Try the Firenog, two parts Fireball and one part eggnog. Chill and serve to your ugly-Christmas-sweater-party friends. Or try the Holiday Heat -- one part Fireball Whiskey, two parts apple juice and one part cranberry. That's all there is to it and it sounds pretty festive. What about trying the Hot and Toasty on a particularly cold night? This one includes adding a shot of Fireball to your hot chocolate, and could even be a hilarious prank, saved for when you generously offer a cup of hot chocolate to your parents when you're home for the holidays. Or it can be an especially enjoyable way to sneak a drink while you're visiting anyway. Sometimes you need to take the edge off while home for the season.

However we choose to enjoy it, the box can be useful to all of us.