The wait for Asia’s most popular snack in the US is over

The wait for Asia’s most popular snack in the US is over

The hype that surrounds IRVINS Salted Egg snacks is unreal. You can feel this hype in Singapore or Malaysia. The company’s inception dates back to 2015, and over the years, the chip and snack company has become an international phenomenon. The Philippines, Japan, and Thailand are just some of the places where it has already established its presence.

However, bringing them to the US has been rather difficult. The ones who tried to buy these snacks often had to wait in long lines and then still return empty-handed.   But there is some good news, IRVINS Salted Egg is going to be easy to access for US customers since they are planning on launching in the stores around the country.  

What’s the concept of the salted egg? Well, in case you aren’t familiar with it, salted eggs are trendy in Southeast Asia. As an ingredient, it is used as a condiment or in tiny amounts. The founder of IRVINS, Irvin Guranwan, capitalized on this flavor. He did this at his Malaysian and Singaporean seafood restaurants. At these restaurants, salted egg chips were served as side dishes. Soon enough, chips became so popular that they evolved into a full-on snack brand.  

At the inception, in the US, only a few varieties will be sold, although you’ll still have to get the fish skins that they are accessible in ways already described. The flavors include the Salted Egg Potato and Salted Egg Cassava in both regular and Hot Boom (aka spicy) flavors in addition to the standard flavored Crunchy Roll. The suggested retail price for each bag is $8.99. Some of the sale spots for the first bags post the initial launch include Bopomofo Café; it’s a SoCal boba shop that is run by Philip Wang, whom you may know from Youtube and WongFu Productions. Bopomofo café has got the first exclusive. Here the chips for sale will start indefinitely from February 25.  

However, Eric Wang, the co-founder of Bopomofo café, has confirmed that soon enough, more flavors will be sold as well.   After this, California and Texas are next target markets. You can find the snacks in San Francisco and Los Angeles markets in numerous Asian grocers. These places include H Mart, 99 Ranch, Marina Foods, Seafood City, and Pacific Super. Whereas in Texas, the chips could be bought at Ding Tea locations in Arlington and Garland. By the beginning of March, you can find IRVINS products at these places.   New York follows this launch on March 15 at New Territories, and after that, a nationwide expansion is planned. For more info on the full USA rollout, you can check out their Instagram and Facebook feeds.