The World's First Adults-Only Ice Cream Truck Is Here And It's Wonderfully Boozy (Photos)

The World's First Adults-Only Ice Cream Truck Is Here And It's Wonderfully Boozy (Photos)

The unmistakable jingle of an ice-cream truck grows louder down a neighborhood street on a summer afternoon. Young people promptly lose their minds and run to adults panting, begging for bucks. Others become filled with chilling dread, suddenly bombarded by sweaty children who want their money.

Traditionally, ice-cream trucks have been most appealing to the first group, the youngins.

But some business-savvy masterminds from the U.K. have found a way to bring smiles to the faces of the second group -- through the world's first 21-and-over ice-cream truck.

The truck, guarded by a bouncer to keep youngsters at bay, serves alcoholic ice cream. The joint is free of kids and free of charge.

 First Adults-Only Ice Cream Truck

On the menu is a beer-flavored ice cream served in a cone made of pork rinds for the daring salt lover, as well as a bacon ice cream served with a shot of bourbon for those into deeper flavors. 

Adult ice-cream fans can also sample vodka martinis and tequila sorbet, among other cold concoctions. There's even a selection modeled after a Jager bomb.

 First Adults-Only Ice Cream Truck

Warner Leisure Hotels birthed the truck idea and plans to drive its boozy bounty across the nation, announcing stops on its Twitter page

A lucky U.K. resident by the name of Tim was one of the first to try the grown-up ice cream. His choice? The beer flavor.

"I love a pint, and I love ice cream... so the two combined was right up my street," he said. 

The "shocking" addition of the pork-rind cone turned out to complement the ice cream beautifully, he added. 

Based on Tim's verdict, if nothing else, we'd say it's time for an adults-only ice-cream truck to makes its way to the U.S.