The World's Tiniest Coffee Is So Stinking Cute (Video)

When the Finnish coffee and cocoa company, Paulig, approached artist and designer Lucas Zanotto and asked him to make a cup of coffee out of one, measly little coffee bean, he did what any caffeine fan would do; found a teensy tiny little coffee mug and got to work (video below).

First, Zanotto grinds the miniature bean up using an emery board.

Then, he sets fire to a tealight candle, and allows the small amount of heat to boil just a smidge of water.

Finally, he just pours the water over the coffee filter, and voila -- the tiniest cup of coffee (and probably the most adorable cup of coffee I've ever seen) comes together.

Something about watching this video is ridiculously soothing; I don't know if its the monochromatic theme Zanotto employs (primarily calming shades of white), or the cute and tinkling music, but I almost want to start every day off just watching him make this cup of coffee rather than drinking my usual cup, which seems gigantic in comparison.

Of course, some YouTubers couldn't help but joke around.

"Can you make it decaf?" one commenter wrote. "I'm worried i can't sleep tonight after this."

Added another:

"Thank you for making this video; now I know how to write down how fairies make their coffee in a story. "

And lastly, one commenter had an idea for what to do with the tiny cup of coffee.

"Serve it for Trump," a YouTuber wrote, "Just to make his hands look big ."

What do you think of the video, and how would you enjoy this one-bean cup of coffee?