There Is A Baguette Vending Machine Because The World Is Awesome (Video)

Bread lovers on the go, rejoice!

A baguette vending machine will soon be available in the San Francisco Bay area (video below). French company Le Bread Xpress brought the concept to the United States after the search for the perfect baguette was fruitless.

"We looked for the perfect baguette that I didn't find in the Bay area,” said CEO and founder Benoit Herve on the company’s official website. "I then discovered a French baker who has built a micro-bakery to deliver freshly baked baguettes from the oven On-Demand 24/7. I have decided to bring it in the U.S."

The baguette vending machine is already available in Paris, which has about 100 locations. Herve has partnered with Petits Pains, a renowned bakery in Burlingame, California, that was founded by a master baker and a Michelin chef with ample experience working in France, according to Lost in SF.

Petits Pains prepares and partially cooks the dough for the machine. The loaves are loaded inside, as the vending machine has a refrigerator and oven. The baguettes are baked throughout the day, so your bread will be no more than two hours old upon purchasing, according to San Francisco Eater.

"We also have an area of the machine that maintains some of the freshly baked warmth, to allow the customers to get the machine within tens of seconds," Herve told The San Francisco Gate.

After ordering the $4.25 baguette, customers will receive fresh bread in about 20 seconds. The machine uses a cloud-based interface and accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash, Android Pay, and Apple Pay.

The first location was opened at The Myriad at 2175 Market Street in San Francisco, with another location coming soon to Stonestown Galleria.

According to YouTube comments, Le Bread Xpress hopes to eventually offer the machines as a franchise, possibly nationwide.