Cereal-Only Restaurant Coming To Times Square||Kellog||Cereal-Only Restaurant Coming To Times Square

There Is A Cereal-Only Restaurant Coming To Times Square

Cereal lovers, rejoice!

Kellogg's is teaming up with two culinary hot shots—Milk Bar's Christina Tosi and Per Se's Anthony Rudolf—to create a gourmet cereal experience in Times Square.

The new restaurant is called Kellogg’s NYC, and consists of an all-day cereal bar complete with automatic dispensers and epicurean breakfast combinations. Rudolf designed the space and concept while Tosi took point on the recipes themselves.

At the time of its opening, Kellogg’s NYC will offer six cereal bowls and four cereal sundaes, ranging in price from $6.50 to $9.50. The current menu includes such tantalizing combinations as “Pistachio and Lemon,” which consists of “Special K Original, Frosted Flakes, Pistachios, Lemon Zest, [and] Thyme” and the “Life in Color” sundae, crafted from a combination of Blue Marble soft serve ice cream, “Fruit Loops, Lime Zest, Marshmallows, [and] Passion Fruit Jam.”

If you’re still not fully committed to the concept, however, we have more news—Kellogg’s NYC will offer more than cereal. According to Rudolf, customers will also have the chance to receive prizes along with their breakfast orders.

In Rudolf’s own words: 

You’ll order with people, and you’ll be greeted by people. But then in a very low-tech way, when it comes time for you to receive your cereal, we give you a buzzer and your buzzer will tell you what cabinet to go to. You’ll open up the cabinet, and there’s your cereal — or maybe not. Maybe it’s the morning paper or an apple or a banana or maybe you get the toy in the cereal box. And maybe the toy in the cereal box is a temporary tattoo, or maybe it’s ‘Hamilton’ tickets.

According to Eater, Kellogg’s NYC will open on July 4 at 1600 Broadway, a mere block from M & M’s World. Being lifelong fans of Christina Tosi, cereal, and free prizes, you can bet that we’ll be trying out the new cereal bar as soon as humanly possible! After all, is there anything more American than a big bowl of cereal on the Fourth of July?