There Is Actually A Donald Trump Doughnut, Would You Eat It?

Who would have guessed that the Australians would invent a better way to celebrate Fourth of July than the Americans?

Australian doughnut chain Doughnut Time introduced a Donald Trump-themed doughnut in honor of American Independence Day, and it is just as hilarious as you might imagine. Named the "Hair Dependence Day" doughnut, the glorious confection consists of a vanilla doughnut, filled with American peanut butter and jam, and topped with cotton candy to emulate Trump's infamous coif.

The end result looks surprisingly like Trump himself — a fact that only adds to the combination of horror and humor that seems to follow the candidate everywhere. While Americans are still reeling at the fact that the orange-haired mogul is the presumptive Republican nominee, the Australians have clearly found humor in the entire situation.

As life-long doughnut devotees, we must admit that the Hair Dependence Day sounds pretty darn delicious. Even better, however, is the fact that eating one would allow you to imagine biting into Trump’s signature hair and devouring his ever-talking head.

Watching on with envy. #trumpedup

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While the Trump doughnut is only available in Australia, we suggest that you add cotton candy and peanut butter to your next doughnut to emulate the experience (and increase the deliciousness) of your favorite dessert. If enough people follow the trend, maybe we can even make America great again!