Reese's Pieces||There Is No Chocolate In Reese's Pieces!

There Is No Chocolate In Reese's Pieces! (Photos)

Are you wondering is there chocolate in reese's pieces? PSA: There is no chocolate in Reese's Pieces. See below for proof. Here's a Hidden Object game for you -- find the chocolate hidden in this Reese's Pieces ingredients list:

Couldn't find it, could you? Give up? Well, as it turns out our favorite peanut butter and chocolate candy pieces are more peanut butter than chocolate. To be precise, they're more peanuts, oil, syrup, artificial colors, salt, glaze, wax and milk. But, no chocolate. How did we miss this? Pay close attention to the front packaging:

It reads, "Peanut butter candy in a crunchy shell." No mention of chocolate. It was spelled out for us and yet here we are -- almost 40 years since its release -- suffering a gooey ball of emotions: baffled, confused and a little disenchanted. Here's a little tonic for your wound: a few explanations as to why you may have missed this tiny detail. For one, Reese's introduction as Peanut Butter Cups began in 1928. Since then, they've become a household name in peanut butter and chocolate confections. (For example, a peanut butter and chocolate cake is not complete without Reese's Pieces.) The name stuck for nearly 90 years, so don't feel bad. The chocolate association with Reese's has been inherent for a while now.

Second, Reese's Pieces look a lot like the chocolate-filled candy shells, M&M's. Crack one of the tiny shells open and you'll clearly see chocolate, but in the case of Reese's Pieces, you can clearly see it's just peanut butter.

So what really makes up a single Reese's Piece? Well, according to Delish, chocolate company Hershey's developed a formula in the 1970s for sweetened peanut meal with the same consistency as chocolate. The filling is essentially a peanut-flavored fudge made from brown sugar, butter and milk. So next time you have an equal craving for both chocolate and peanut butter, opt-out of Reese's Pieces and just grab a two-piece Reese's Pieces Big Cup, where every bite is reliably robed in chocolate.

It's chocolate cups stuffed with peanut butter. You can watch this year's baseball season, grab Reese's Pieces and enjoy its lovely flavor!