There Is Now A Bag Specifically To Carry Your Box Of Wine

Do you ever wish you were able to carry your favorite adult beverage with you? Have you ever attended an event that was noticeably lacking copious amounts of alcohol?

Tracey Luebbers has created a bag to discretely hold our favorite wines and alcoholic beverages alongside anything else stored in our purses. What a time to be alive.

In 2011, Luebbers noticed the various problems people had when trying to transport beverages to events, as written on The Swankey. After searching for a solution, she realized that nothing existed that would allow her to carry her favorite spirits with ease.

"Have you ever been packing up to go to the pool, beach, party or tailgate and you don’t want to lug a heavy cooler or take your purse?" Luebbers inquired, as explained on The Swankey How It Works page. "How are you going to keep your wine or other beverage chilled and have room for all the other supplies you want to take? I thought there has to be a better way to carry, chill and conceal wine and beverages conveniently and stylishly."

Therefore, in 2014, she created the original “It’s So Swankey Beverage Tote.” The bag has even been tested to withstand 500 hours of direct sunlight, perfect for those summers on the beach.

"Designed to discretely hold a boxed wine bag, this multi-purpose tote also comes with its own dispensing bag, so you can take your favorite, fully insulated libations to go," reads the description on Uncommon Goods.

"An attached spout lets you serve up bloody marys, margaritas, or wine with ease, while the ample interior allows plenty of room for your wallet, phone, and even travel cups," the description continues. "Whether you're heading for a beach day with the girls or an afternoon picnic, this stylish bag completes your ensemble with boozy bravado."

Furthermore, Luebbers’ line of stylish boozy bags is made in America. The factory, which is located in Glasgow, Missouri, is run and owned by women.

"I’m very proud to have them on my team!" Luebbers said. "Each time a Swankey is purchased a woman takes home a paycheck to her family. This is near and dear to my heart."