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There Is Now A Cookbook Dedicated To Brad Pitt's On-Screen Eating (Video)

Pumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes incited a Harry Potter cookbook. Drake's pun-worthy lyrics sparked a compilation titled If You're Eating This It's Too Late. But it's high time the culinary escapades of one Hollywood icon roused the recipe boxes of adoring fans, once and for all. 

Long Prawn Cookbooks, a company compiling edible ideas inspired by pop culture, is on it. On sale now is their cookbook honoring the magnificent masticating of an actor who has, for the last 40 years, captured our hearts with his impeccable consumption of delights such as pot roast, prison gruel and peaches.

He's Brad Pitt, and it's Fat Brad-The Cookbook, available now for $24.99.

 Fat Brad-The Cookbook

The creators at Long Prawn were foremost inspired by Pitt's frequent on-screen eating (video below) -- which is in fact so frequent that Vulture made a list of everything the actor has eaten in movies, ever. But they noticed something more interesting: "the brilliant disparity" between Pitt's consumption of less than healthy foods and his "god-like" body, they told reporters at It's Nice That.

Ah, there's certainly nothing like the juxtaposition of fatty food with a chiseled jaw to ignite a cookbook writer's creative flow.

everything the actor has eaten in movies

The 52-page book was tested by actual chefs and features artistically chaotic photography by Ben Clement. Dishes include Game Bird with Taters and Guinness Gravy and Bellagio Shrimp Cocktail, odes to Pitt's performances in Snatch and Ocean's 11, respectively.

Bellagio Shrimp Cocktail

 delicious foods

Brad Pitt himself had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the book, but based on his exemplary on-screen eating, we think he'd be into it.

You probably feel like watching Pitt's powerful jaws devour delicious foods right now, so below is a video compilation of just that.