There's A New Beer Out Just For Women

Worried that women are being left behind in the craft beer craze, a new brewery has opened up to create beer specifically for women.

Founder and master brewer Kristy McGuire, who has worked in the industry for 20 years, created two beers with a team of women at High Heel Brewing, according to USA Today. The beers will debut in June in Florida.

McGuire called the idea of beer for women "an overdue idea," especially since, as the Brewers Association notes, women drink an estimated 32 percent of all consumed craft beer.

"Women embracing craft beer are looking for strong, unique flavors," said Jimmy McCune, executive director of New York advertising firm EGC Group's craft beverage division. "They’re looking for new styles and brands, and are far more adventurous when experimenting with new flavors than their male craft-beer-drinking counterparts."

Indeed, a recent survey found that more women than men prefer sour ales, wild ales, herb/spice brews and blonde or golden ales. According to the Brewers Association, women are big on flavor infusions, which one of the two High Heel beers addresses. The Slingback Perry Ale is made with pear and passion fruit juices, plus chamomile and elderflower to create a light, refreshing finish. The highly carbonated brew, which has a 5.4 percent alcohol content, resembles Prosecco, McGuire said.

It will provide an interesting contrast to their second beer, Too Hop'd To Handle India Pale Ale, which boasts 8.4 percent alcohol and is pretty bitter, even by IPA standards. The four different kinds of hops create a loud but classic IPA citrus flavor, balanced out with Belgian candy sugar to reduce what McGuire called "that little bit of malt linger that stays on your tongue," which she said "women will appreciate."

"In the past, it was assumed women wanted sweeter and lighter beers and that’s just not the case," McGuire added. "That’s not what you see at the pub or the craft beer store."

McGuire is optimistic about the endeavor, although we still aren't sure whether or not it's necessary to blatantly target women in the beer ads. Remember how that went when Bic formulated small pink pens "For Her" that were universally ridiculed?

Ultimately, we'll just have to wait and see how the new beers do when they are released in June. Regardless of the gendered marketing, we're pretty sure that if they taste good, people will drink them.