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These 11 Boozy, Dreamy Slushies Will Cool You Off Instantly

It's summer, and chances are, it's deathly hot outside. Even when it does cool off, you're still sweltering from that time several hours ago when you had to venture outside in the 100-degree heat!

Fortunately for you, we got you covered with 11 of the best boozy slushies around that will cool you off instantly. Pool party and barbeque not included.

1. Slushy Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

Yes, dreams do come true: This is basically a grown-up Slurpee. Use any booze you like -- we can't imagine this would be bad with any fruity-flavored vodka or rum.

2. Slushy Blended Margarita

Feel free to adapt your favorite margarita recipe to this, if you have one. Also, you can't go wrong by dumping in some frozen fruit, like watermelon or mango.

3. Frozen Sangria

Cabernet and sorbet? Only a fool would turn it down.

4. Espresso, Kahlua and Irish Whiskey Frozen Cocktail

Give yourself a nice little pick-me-up with this caffeinated, boozy dessert. It's like a White Russian but ice creamier and way better. Of course, if you aren't feeling the whiskey (shame on you!) you can always dump in some vodka instead -- we recommend the whipped cream or chocolate variety.

5. Frozen Pimm's

Gin lovers, and anyone else who likes botanical and subtly fruity flavors, we've found your summer drink.

6. Cheehu Cocktail

Guava juice and lychee are the perfect summer complement to aged rum, but you don't see them too frequently in cocktails, which is a real shame. Fix that.

7. Tropical Slush

That's right, you can serve this in a hollowed-out pineapple for bonus points. Or don't. We won't judge you.

8. Rock and Roll Slushy

If you love Jack and Coke, you'll go nuts for this super refreshing frozen cherry version.

9. Peach and Honey Sangria Slushy

If you've never added orange, peach, honey and lime to white wine, start doing so now and thank us later.

10. Halekulani Melon Daiquiri

Cantaloupe absolutely belongs in your boozy summer slushies.

11. Spiked Frozen Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate

If you love subtly spiced Mexican hot chocolate half as much as we do, you'll be in heaven drinking this frozen boozy version.