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These 12 Spaghetti Gifs Will Make Your Heart Flutter

January 4, 2017, is National Spaghetti Day and we are ecstatic!

ECSTATIC. We could munch on spaghetti noodles all day, honestly. Couldn't you?

And when you top it with a nice marinara or Bolognese sauce? YUM.


It all starts with this beautiful sight, when you toss those dried noodles in boiling water.

Spaghetti Gifs

Or, if you are blessed, when you make them from scratch. EVEN BETTER.

Give us a huge, heaping scoopful of spaghetti in red sauce, please!

Spaghetti Gifs

And DOUSE that with grated Parmesan cheese. Grate that cheese until your arm gets tired. And then keep going.

Of course, there's also that heavenly wonder that is Carbonara. Rich, creamy, cheesy and bacony. We could never forget about something so delicious.

We'll twirl that on our forks for SURE.


And where can we get such a fancy fork??

One thing's for sure. We are in love with spaghetti, and that will never, ever change.