These 13 Candy Apple Gifs Will Leave You Drooling

We can't lie -- this is our favorite part of fall:

That's right. Nice crunchy, juicy apples coated in all manner of candy and caramel. It's nearly too much to take in!

Look at that bubbling candy coating warm up, ready to envelop a big juicy apple in its sweet, molten love.

It's time! The apple takes the plunge and emerges victorious!

Look at that baby swirl in the sensual molten candy!

Now it just needs to cool off a little, and it'll be ready to devour!

Ok, maybe a few layers of sweet chocolaty goodness first.

Now they are ready. And, for the record, so are we.

Make sure you get every last bit of caramel on that apple!

Swirl it!!!

*Licks screen*

If we could have any machine, it would be this one. Look at those apples go!

As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't shamelessly dip said apple in candy to reap the rewards.