These 13 Tea GIFs Will Make You Feel Warm And Toasty

Care for a cup of tea?

If you're looking for the perfect cold weather pick-me-up, you can't do much better than a piping hot cuppa.

Prepared just the way you like it, of course.

My throat feels soothed just looking at this stuff.

Seriously, I want to just breathe in this steam.

How is it that it both calms me down and gives me energy at the same time? Tea is magical, and it always knows just what I need.

Nothing beats that moment when you pour in the hot water and see that blossom of color mixing in the cup as your bag of dried leaves steeps.


And then of course there's that moment when you add milk (if you're into that sort of thing!) and you get to stare as it billows out and mixes with the hot liquid.

It's so beautiful ...

Make sure you get every last drop!

Go on, have another cup.

Ah, that's more like it. Drink up!