These 16 Popsicle GIFs Are Sure To Cool You Off

Few things call to me the way icy cold popsicles do on hot summer days.

For kids and adults alike, the cool, refreshing treat sometimes feels like the only thing that can cool you down on a sweltering afternoon.

Well, that and taking a dip in the pool.

Mr. Cooking Panda is a popsicle fiend! An absolute FIEND!

This is definitely one childhood treat that never got old!


And the jokes! Gotta love the punch lines that are revealed when you finish your popsicle.

For example, Why didn't the hockey player want to pay for dinner?

He was a cheapskate!

OHOHOHOHOHO!!!! Just me? Ok then.

Why is it so satisfying to watch this gorgeous watermelon pop reverse melt?

I don't know what this chocolate-dipped creation is. I just know that I need it in my life.

And then you have this absolutely stunning rainbow treat. WANT.

Homemade, store bought ... whatever, I want to eat them all!


I would devour that popsicle so quickly, let me tell you.

Make sure you have enough to share with friends!