These 17 Cake Frosting Gifs Are Mesmerizing Beyond Words

Do you love cake? (Hint: there's only one right answer.)

Do you really, really, REALLY love cake? DO you love cake this much?

Cake is perfect, and pretty much our favorite thing in the world is watching it get smothered in rich, creamy frosting:

We bet it's your fave too! Come on, we dare you to look away....

Look at that perfectly even sheet of buttercream:

And this beautiful thick drizzle...

Look at this perfectly-piped flower:

Are you not in awe?

Why is this so satisfying? Can we get one of these machines?

This is a pop tart cake. That's really all we need to tell you, isn't it?

Take a deep breath and let these stunning stripes sweep you away:

First, you smother it in an even coat of frosting...

Then the magic happens!

Are we the only ones staring at this for hours?

This person deserves some kind of awesome award for these impeccable designs! I can't even draw a circle.

Smother that rainbow cake!

We hope you marveled at the beauty of CAKE! Enjoy!