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These 9 Frozen Cocktails Will Cool You Right Off (Recipes)

You look a little warm there, buddy.

It's officially summer, and boy does the weather know it. It can be pretty miserable when you're caught in a heat wave, but the nice thing about the blistering heat is that it comes with the wonderful opportunity to do whatever you can to cool off and stay comfortable, which usually means drinking a lot of cold things.

So naturally, when Thirsty Thursday hits, that means one thing: It's time for cocktail slushies! Talk about a fun way to refresh yourself ...

1. Peach and Rose Slushie

Got a big load of fresh peaches that you don't know what to do with? I'm sure a party full of guests could help you polish these sweet, summery slushies off pretty quickly. P.S. Feel free to use frozen peaches, if you don't have an excess of fresh ones around.

2. Cantaloupe, Mint and Campari Slushie

Between the bright orange cantaloupe, cool mint, bittersweet Campari and exciting fizz, you'll feel like you're lounging on the Italian riviera with this vacation in a glass.

3. Frozen Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys are the ultimate daytime cocktail, so it's only natural that you'll want to freeze them for brunch on a sunny day. But hold your horses! This is no ordinary Mary. This one, which features frozen tomatoes instead of ice, is made from scratch and really boasts a stupendous flavor. You'd be amazed at how a tiny bit more effort makes all the difference.

4. Pear Slushy Cocktail

The secret to this bourbon and bitters drink is the frozen, blended pear cider that brings this tasty drink to a whole new fizzy level. If you don't have pear cider, you can swap it out for any similar flavor, like apple, or you can just use apple or pear soda.

5. Watermelon Limoncello Prosecco Slushies

Between the mint, limoncello and watermelon, this cocktail is about as cool and refreshing as it gets. If mint isn't your thing, basil would work just as well.

6. Kicked-Up Coffee Granita with Baileys and Kahlua

Iced coffee is great, but it has one major downfall: As the cubes start to melt, the beverage quickly becomes watered down. But this slightly sweet, creamy and delightfully strong coffee drink doesn't mess around with any of that nonsense, and it'll stay bright and strong the whole time.

7. Pomegranate Lemon Slushie

Ok, this sweet and tart grown-up version of a Slurpee doesn't include booze in the recipe, but it's a pretty simple, seamless adjustment: Add in a couple of ounces of vodka (fruit flavored would be great!), tequila or rum and you'll be in business.

8. Riesling Peach And Cherry Slushies

As amazing as this one would be with white cherries, you're more than welcome to swap them out for raspberries or really any other complementary flavor. Feel free to mix it up!

9. Tea and Bourbon Slushies

Sweet tea fiends will fall in love with this stupendously simple frozen cocktail that features water, sugar, tea and bourbon. Yep, easy four-ingredient magic! It wouldn't be a bad idea to garnish with fresh lemon or peach slices though, or even blend in a little juice if you're feeling it.