These College Guys Had A Sushi Restaurant In Their Dorm (Photos)

These College Guys Had A Sushi Restaurant In Their Dorm (Photos)

While classmates were heating up Easy Mac and pouring bowls of cereal in their dorm rooms, Boston University students Jarrett Deutsch and Ethan Cole were using the space to make and sell high-end sushi dishes.

They called their restaurant The 803, a four-seat table serving sushi for $35 a meal. It began with the roommates making too much sushi and selling the extras to fraternity boys, and it soon evolved into a full-fledged restaurant, where they prepared fish on desks and served nigiri to 30 visitors a night. 

How did two college boys get into sushi making? Believe it or not, it was when they were trying to be more economical.

Unimpressed by their school's dining options, the 19-year-old friends began their freshman year subsisting on restaurant meals.

"My dad was getting pissed that I was spending a couple thousand every month on food," Deutsch told the New York Post. 

The boys took a more affordable approach to food by cooking their own, like chicken and lamb shank -- and then, Japanese cuisine. Cole had learned basic sushi skills from his family, and he and Deutsch are good improvisers.

After two days of preparation, they were ready to provide a six-hour sushi dinner service once or twice a week, and they "were booked every night."

We're not talking grocery-store level sushi, either. Their menu was free of California rolls and instead included things like seared salmon nigiri and soy-glazed tuna with tofu puree.

Even though they're not in school over the summer, Cole and Deutsch are stepping up their sushi game in a big way; they're holding a three-day pop-up restaurant in their hometown of Manhattan.

They're also growing with New York chef Pecko Zantilaveevan as an adviser and a recent high school graduate to handle marketing. They told the New York Post they're hoping to expand further.

The 803 pop-up will be located at the popular beer bar Clancey and will seat 35 to 40 people from Aug. 17 to 19. Customers can reserve a table to eat lunch for $45 to $65 or splurge on dinner for $95 to $125.