These Folks Found An Egg Inside Another Egg! (Video)

So, we've all seen large eggs, sometimes almost unbelievably large. Usually, we try and get dibs, at least in my family that's what my siblings and I did. However, this particular large egg scenario isn't like anything we'd seen before.

When you hear people sometimes claim that they found two eggs in one, they're probably talking about a double yolk, which happens sometimes. However, I bet you've never heard of what you're about to witness in this video. This one massive egg (you can see how large it is compared to a regular-sized hen's egg) actually opens up into another egg, shell and all! Not only have I not seen anything like it, but the people in the video hadn't either.


Foodbeast poses a legitimate question … What would have happened if the hen had been free to incubate and hatch her egg? Would we have a little chicken with an egg inside it? It's probably more likely that this egg would have never hatched. After having seen this freaky incident, would you feel comfortable eating such an egg? Maybe a large omelet?

The people in the video opted out. While the egg probably tasted fine, everyone felt a little weird about its contents. I don't blame them for that, but I'm glad they didn't waste the yolks. They used them for a conditioner instead! Nifty.

Check out the video below to get a better glimpse into what the cracking of the egg looked like, as well as the contents of the second egg. You'll also hear the exclamations and overall surprise of those who happened to be in the room when the discovery was made. I bet they sound a lot like you'll sound when watching. I know my thoughts mirrored theirs almost exactly. Would you have eaten this, or should I say these, egg(s)?