These Individual Mayonnaise Slices are Going to Scare You

These Individual Mayonnaise Slices are Going to Scare You

Quick question, food snobs! What is the least appealing sight for you in the kitchen? Floppy wads of plastic cheese! Isn’t’ it. However, if you have high resistance and this sight doesn’t turn your stomach, you would agree lurid yellow squares are more tempting.

While slices work for cheese, it is not necessarily valid for everything, and there is a limit to how much of that squidgy cheese you can consume.

However, Japanese shoppers are about to be introduced to mayonnaise slices. While its descriptions say “sheet-like condiment,” one wouldn’t argue that its name and its looks are both equally disturbing.

Wondering if its any good? No idea. But it surely is terrifying.

However, it surely is news that will lead to pulses racing, and while it has been confirmed that the new product is going to hit stores on 2nd March, there has been no announcement about whether the product will be available outside Japan or not. The manufacturers of the company are Bourbon Company Ltd., and a translated version of their press release talks about the slices that they can be “simply peeled off the film and placed on bread.” And when it comes to the taste, Michelin tyre would surely be a better description than Michelin star.

The packets would be available in “Tuna” and “Menta” mayo flavors, which though unusual, aren’t Bourbon’s strangest concept if you can believe that.

One more thing, along with mayonnaise, customers are also going to get a chance to sample the oddly sounding “sliced raw chocolate” and “raw chocolate apple butter” squares.