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These New Doritos Will Blow Your Mind (Photos)

If you're a Doritos fan, you might want to be sitting down for this one.

Your favorite chips are getting a massive makeover -- on the inside. Sure, Doritos Locos tacos are great, but why stop there? Why not create something truly craveable and nasty in all the right ways? Fortunately, somebody did.

Introducing Doritos Loaded:

These monstrously delicious snacks that are half nachos and half mozzarella sticks will be available in a grocery store near you very soon, according to Delish.

You might have seen (or even tried) these giant stuffed chips at 7-Eleven back in 2014 or at Burger King in 2015, when the company was testing them out, but now you can pick up a box and make them at home. Not only are they probably cheaper than getting them out, but you'll also save yourself the embarrassment of having to ask the store clerk to grab those super unhealthy, possible self-loathing snacks from the hot-food window for you. Oh, and they'll be fresh and crispy, not soggy and dry from sitting on the hot tray for probably hours on end.

Starting on Nov. 6 -- National Nachos Day -- you'll be able to pick up boxes upon boxes of this stuff (hey, you might as well stock up, right?) at grocery stores around the nation. You'll have two options: Nacho Cheese (the flavor you might have encountered in the past) and Jalapeno Cheese, both of which have crispy, cheesy Doritos crusts and are filled with gooey, melted cheese.

The folks over at Delish gave them a try and said the cheesy triangles may not be perfect, but they are pretty darn close, and they recommend them. The best part? The super-crunchy outer crust.

"Though the centers weren't as gooey as we'd hoped, you get a good amount of cheese inside and the flavor of crushed Doritos in the breading," wrote Delish's Hannah Doolin. "The Jalapeno Cheese were definite favorites, with real pieces of jalapeno inside and a serious kick that we loved."

It certainly sounds like an improvement on the ones straight out of 7-Eleven's warming plate, which Julie Alvin of Bustle once described as "lukewarm, mushy, and felt like an old chicken nugget to the touch."

Let us know if you give them a try!