These Pickle-Flavored Ice Pops Aren't Half Bad!

While this might sound disgusting to some, a company called Van Holten's has made a product called Pickle-Ice Freeze Pops, and they actually sound refreshingly cool and tasty for a summertime treat.

You've seen pickles served as sides with sandwiches at delis; at Disneyland, they even sell whole pickles in a bag for ride-goers to enjoy while they wait in line.

Also, there are Pickle Backs for those who prefer to consume their pickles as an alcohol chaser, and there are things like sauerkraut and kimchi, which are different foods that have been pickled and have probiotic qualities.

So why not try a pickle in popsicle form too?

The Pickle-Ices are essentially just Otter Pops, but they are designed with athletes in mind.

Basically, the idea is that pickle juice helps you stay hydrated when you're working out and therefore depleting your water resources due to sweat. Pickle juice contains a lot of sodium, and thus helps you retain some of your water.

So, Van Holten's decided to cut to the chase and make frozen pickle pops a thing.

"If you go down to Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, it's a very common item to find at concession stands," said the company's vice president of sales and marketing, Eric Girard, to Delish. "They were selling for $1 each at an Alabama high school baseball game.

"Pickles seem to be a huge trend right now, as you may have noticed… We're excited to be riding that wave."

If you want to join the wave of which he speaks, then you can go on over to Amazon and buy yourself an 8-pack or a 48-pack of Pickle-Ices.

If that's too much, however, many grocery stores and convenience stores are slinging the pickle popsicles for 50 cents a treat, and Walmart is slated to begin offering them at 700 different locations across the country.