These Pokemon Burgers Are Almost Too Adorable To Eat

A restaurant chain called Down N'Out in Sydney, Australia, has introduced the most adorable Poke-burgers! While not everyone has a love for Pokemon, pretty much everyone does love burgers. The three Pokemon available are Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur, the three major favorites.

According to Metro News, each burger comes with a trading card listing the ingredients, and each burger's ingredients are meant to represent the character itself. The Charmander burger is spicy, the Bulbasaur burger grassy and the Pikachu burger silly. Trainers, or eaters if you aren't into that, can order a burger and then receive a randomly selected character. After all, when you're playing you don't get to choose what kind of Pokemon you'll catch, right?

Metro reports that the burgers will be available starting August 22 and will cost about $12 each.