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These Poor Little Kids Ate Ghost Peppers And It Didn't Go Well

Did you ever do something so stupid when you were a kid that your parents left you alone, figuring that what you did was already painful enough? We're willing to bet that 40 Ohio middle school students know exactly what that feels like after they ate a bunch of ghost peppers.

During lunch period on Sept. 2, students at Milton-Union Middle School got into some trouble after they voluntarily ingested the super-hot peppers, reports the Dayton Daily News. Unsurprisingly, many of them reported sweating, tearing of the eyes and blotchy skin. Some of them even broke out into hives, while another had a rash and trouble seeing. Two others vomited.

"We all drank like 10 cartons of milk," said Milton-Union eighth-grader Cody Schmidt, adding that he didn't know the student who gave him the "really hot" pepper.

Before you say that the students were just being babies, remember that we are talking about ghost peppers here, one of the hottest chilies in the world. Behold:

Ghost Peppers

Those little peppers, also known as bhut jolokia, range from 855,000 to 1,041,427 on the Scoville scale of spiciness, making them 107 to 417 times hotter than a jalapeno and 10 times hotter than a habanero, according to the New York Post.

Ghost Peppers

Eating three pounds of the chilies could easily kill a 150-pound person. For comparison, we're pretty sure we could easily eat three pounds of jalapenos in one sitting….

As far as we know, all of the kids were fine in the end, although at least five of them were transported to the hospital. Hey, at least they got to get out of school for the afternoon.

"The response of emergency services was amazing; deputies and help from surrounding paramedics … we really had a lot of help here this afternoon," Superintendent Brad Ritchey of Milton-Union Exempted Village Schools told the Dayton Daily News. "This was serious but sometimes situations at schools become far more serious than this."

He did not say whether the student who brought the peppers, who has been identified, will face discipline for the disruption.