These Raindrop Cakes Have Gorgeous Flowers In Them! (Photos)

Ever heard of the raindrop cake? It’s only the latest foodie fad. You’ve probably seen pictures of it while scrolling through your Instagram feed. You’ve also probably asked yourself if that thing is edible.

For those who don’t know, it’s basically a cake that looks like a big raindrop. To me it kind of looks like a rounded glass paperweight. Take your pick.

Ever since the raindrop cake debuted at the Smorgasburg food market in Brooklyn this year, it has been the word on every foodie’s mouth (or in it, for those who’ve actually tasted it!).

NYC chef Darren Wong told Slate that eating raindrop cake, “tastes like eating a giant raindrop.” So, if you’ve ever eaten a giant raindrop, you can connect with this description.  

Basically, it’s a transparent, calorie-free, and tasteless Jello-like creation, according to Popsugar. Sound appetizing?

Well, maybe it’s not the first thing you’d order on a day you skipped lunch, but at least they look cool!

And what looks even cooler and more Insta-worthy than a plain raindrop cake? A raindrop cake with blooming cherry blossoms inside.

A Sydney, Australia, restaurant called La Floraison is now serving raindrop cakes with stunning cherry blossoms inside.

The dome-like, translucent quality of the raindrop cake magnifies the sakura flower inside, making it appear large and delicately detailed, according to Popsugar.

So, how do you eat this gorgeous creation? More important, do you even want to? If you do decide to dig in (after taking a million pictures, of course), the way to do it is with a spoon.

At La Floraison, however, even the darn spoon is beautiful. They give you an intricately carved sakura flower spoon to match the blossom in your dessert. Because something so stunning can't just be eaten with a regular spoon. 

But honestly, look how beautiful they are. They may be calorie-free and tasteless, but when does beauty ever need a purpose, anyway?