Tie-Dye Pancakes

These Stunning Tie-Dye Pancakes Are What Dreams Are Made Of

The people have spoken, and there's one thing we want: rainbow everything! From makeup to food, everything has been coming up rainbow lately, and we are totally into it. Yes, those are rainbow bagels with cake-flavored cream cheese. If you live anywhere near The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, you are a lucky individual. And as it turns out, all you need to do to match your rainbow bagels is simply pop on over to Sambalette in Las Vegas for a rainbow coffee: Ok, that's a little bit of a commute, but it's nice to have options. Believe it or not, it gets even better. Did you know that tie-dye pancakes are now a thing? They are absolutely beautiful. That's right, tie-dye is no longer reserved for ugly t-shirts. You can find these beauties at Diner By The Sea in Long Beach, New York, if you're lucky to live close enough. We're pretty sure rainbow pancakes are the best possible way to start your morning. Unfortunately, not all of us live near Long Beach, New York, but fear not! There are many different ways to make tie-dye pancakes at home, and it's not too tricky! Our favorite way is to simply make your pancake batter, and divide it into equal bowls (however many colors you want to use). Mix one color per bowl of batter, and swirl a little bit of each colored batter onto the griddle. If that's too tough for you, you can always stick to making one color at a time and stacking them up in a rainbow, because that's gorgeous too. Click here to LIKE Food Please on Facebook