This Adorable Baby Girl Lights Up Around Wine (Video)

Sometimes, babies can be finicky little creatures.

Sure, when they're smiling and playful as can be, they're pretty cute. However, occasionally -- who are we kidding; very often -- they break that sweet-as-can-be facade and turn into creatures from the swamp. They leak, they moan, they wail, they scream, they soil themselves, and they don't give a care in the world over your sleeping or social schedule.

That's why for many parents, it's of the utmost priority to find out a few different foolproof methods to keep their babies smiling; sure, everybody loves to see the people closest to them happy. But just as important, when a baby isn't happy, it means hell for everybody else.

So we're sure these Florida parents, Yssel Jaquez and Rafael Aybar, were shocked and delighted to hilariously discover just what it is that makes their baby girl Abigail Aybar so gosh dang happy -- being handed a glass of wine!

"We were just having dinner and when she doesn't want more food or is sleepy, she starts to be cranky," Jaquez told ABC News.

So, the parents tried to hand their baby girl juice; however, when that failed to prompt a positive reaction, Aybar then decided to hand his daughter a glass of wine, just as a joke. They recorded their girl's exuberant joy at being handed the wine, and posted the video to Facebook on Jan. 29. As of Feb. 7, it has been viewed more than 3 million times.

"I think people like it so much because of her laugh and her reaction when she sees the wine," Jaquez told ABC.

Of course, the couple has had to incur their fair share of criticism and even downright outrage from viewers who mistook their little bit of fun for seriousness. To them, Jaquez has only this to say:

"[There are] many different opinions about the video and the fact that we 'give' wine to a baby. It's just a funny video and we've never provided alcohol to our kids and never will."