This Amazing Ice Cream Cake Hack Will Transform Your Summer (Video)

There is nothing worse than having to turn on your oven in the summer. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or coordinating a wedding rehearsal, we try to go the entire summer without utilizing any heat-generating appliances (video below).

Unfortunately, however, there's one perfect summer food that practically requires an oven: the ice cream cake. After all, what is an ice cream cake without the cake?

Luckily, being true ice cream cake aficionados, we don't let a fear of heat keep us from our summer dessert of choice. We scoured the Internet far and wide in search of the perfect hot weather ice cream cake hack, and the results were even better than we expected.

Thanks to the geniuses at Hack My Life, we now know the perfect way to make ice cream cakes, regardless of the weather. The video demonstrates how to make a delicious ice cream cake using only a few, simple, premade ingredients.

Even better—it’s infinitely customizable. Stick with the classics, like those demonstrated in the clip, or spice things up by using flavored whipped cream, adding fruit, or swapping the cookie flavor!

Personally, we’ll be making lavender and chocolate ice cream cake and Black Forest cherry ice cream cake throughout the summer, but the flavor combinations are entirely up to you. Watch the video below to learn the technique, and then get cooking—no oven required!