This Amazing Sign At College GameDay Earns Kid Over 3,000 Venmo Donations... For Beer

Everybody has a cause they truly believe in -- you know, the one thing they'll dig deep in their pockets for.

For some people, it’s the environment; for others, politics; and for a surprising number of people, it happens to be -- beer?

Sam Crowder, a 23-year-old college student, found this out in the most glorious way this past Saturday afternoon, when he held up an inspired sign before the Virginia Tech-Tennessee game in Bristol, Tennessee.

“HI MOM!” his sign read. “SEND BEER MONEY.”

As Munchies reports, Crowder brilliantly listed his Venmo username below, on the off-chance that his mother heeded his request (and also had her phone handy).

But what surely started as a tongue-and-cheek sign to his mother quickly garnered mass recognition. Crowder’s sign was shown on ESPN’s College GameDay broadcast and the sign went viral, to say the least.

More than 200 people have paid this kid. We counted.

— College GameDay (@CollegeGameDay) September 10, 2016

While the Tweet above suggests 200 people paid Crowder, Venmo actually lists a much higher number: In fact, over 3,000 people paid Crowder through the app, which means that even if they only donated $1 a piece, he still raked in $3,000.

Not too shabby, considering an overpriced beer at a sporting venue probably ran him only about $5 or so.

Apparently, the folks over at Venmo also have a sense of humor, as they awarded Crowder with $50 for the sign as well.

But now for the question we’re all waiting for: Munchies reached out to Crowder and asked him whether or not his mother actually chipped in and ponied up some cash for his boozy cause.

“No,” Crowder told Munchies. “She didn’t have a Venmo at the time. She sure does now, though.”

We bet.