This Amazing Whisk Cleaner Just Made Baking A Cinch

While it's undeniable that most of us love the results of baking (aka, the warm and yummy treats that come out of the oven), sometimes the process of assembling the ingredients gets a little messy. Specifically, we're talking about the whisks: those pesky little utensils are almost impossible to clean easily and effectively. Butter clumps, batter sticks, and there are so many crevices to try and tackle. Now, however, there's a new Kickstarter campaign slinging a Whisk Wiper, which purportedly will make cleaning whisks simple, all while cutting down on food and water waste. Essentially, all you have to do is line up your whisk loops with the Whisk Wiper as you pull it on before you begin to whisk together your ingredients. When you're done doing your thing, you simply just pull the Whisk Wiper back off your whisk, and watch as all of your food is gathered neatly on the top of the wiper, while your new whisk cleaner itself emerges clean and ready to be used again. Sounds pretty remarkable to us, to be honest. The wiper itself is some sort of magical 3D-printed plastic, which easily slides up and down your whisk, and rests patiently near the handle at the base while it's being used. For now, you obviously have to buy the matching whisk (how else would you ensure the Whisk Wiper would actually fit the one already sitting, probably only half-cleaned, in your kitchen?) but not to worry; if you're not in the mood to splurge on a new whisk, the founder has announced plans to make a more universal (think one-size-fits-all) Whisk Wiper in the future. As of Nov. 4, the Whisk Wiper has more than $55,500 in pledges, which is much, much more than its initial $10,000 goal. If you are interested in buying your own Whisk Wiper, you can try to snag one on the Kickstarter for $23 (the early-bird $19 option is no longer available) or get two for $46. The estimated delivery on the Whisk Wiper is March 2017. Happy (and clean) whisking!