This Avocado Bar Is A Dream Come True!

If you can never get enough avocados, head to New York City to get your fix. There's an avocado bar there, and it sounds pretty appealing.

Delish reports that the new avocado bar is officially opening in Brooklyn, New York. The place is called Avocaderia (I guess kind of like pupuseria, except with avocados?). Every item on the menu features avocados in some aspect. Think avocado toast, salad, bowls and smoothies. Yum!

The owner, Francesco Brachetti, is a native of Italy, and he went crazy for avocados when he tasted them in Mexico. According to the New York Times, Brachetti said, "They're tasty and healthy, and I ate them every day. We didn't have them in Italy." Imagine knowing about avocados and not having them available in your country! Terrible.

The food is all served to go, and the bar is decorated with Moroccan tiles and has a nice green look. Have to be in the avocado spirit! What I'm really wondering is how the Avocaderia will thrive considering the current avocado shortage. Brachetti and crew claim that they source from Mexican farmers who are "respectful to the environment and the rights of their employees," according to Eater. I hope that's enough to be unaffected by the shortage. Seems to me that running this bar could get pretty pricey.

As of now, the Avocaderia's social media networks are promising an April 10 opening date. I expect lots of people to flock to a place that calls itself "the world's first avocado bar," although that may not necessarily be true. There may be an avocado-themed restaurant already in Amsterdam … but it could be the first avocado bar in the U.S. I would say that's still pretty awesome, wouldn't you?

You can find the Avocaderia in Brooklyn's Sunset Park's Industry City. I can't imagine anyone will be disappointed.