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This Bacon Toaster Is Your Breakfast Dream Come True

How are you feeling today?

Perhaps everything is fine and lighthearted with you, and that's great! But if you're having a bad day -- maybe the weather is bad, or you stubbed your toe, or got into a vicious fight with your pet cat over their kibbles -- we think we have the perfect pick-me-up for you.

Now introducing the most magical product so far in 2017: The Bacon Express!

 Bacon Toaster

"Welcome to a healthier way to cook bacon to delicious perfection!" reads the description on Nostalgia Electric's website.

Essentially, the Bacon Express is a toaster that allows you to easily cook up to six glorious strips of either thick-cut or regular bacon in mere minutes. Also, it's perfect for the lazy but hungry chef, because there's no need to flip your bacon to achieve the perfect cook.

How does it work? All you have to do is adjust the illuminated dial timer (which will allow you to cook the bacon to your preference: extra crispy for some, a little more chewy for others) and wait for the toaster's vertical cooking method to literally drain away extra grease and fat, and then cook your breakfast quickly and perfectly.

 Bacon Toaster

This extra-fancy toaster comes equipped with cool-touch handles, which allow you to open the door without the risk of burning your hands and peek at your strips while they're sizzling. And no more back-splatter of grease either!

Last but not least, clean-up is a breeze; the non-stick cooking plate and the insulated door liners both are easily removed so you can clean them in a jiffy.

We know you want it. The Bacon Express is available for Amazon here for about $40 plus shipping.


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