This Bizarre Guy Ordered 'A Cheese' At McDonald's (Photo)

To each his own, as they say!

Typically, when people visit the drive-thru, it's with the intention to indulge in a convenient, quick and pretty unhealthy meal. If you're taking the five minutes out of your day to visit a McDonald's, for example, it's probably not to try out the newest healthy item the golden arches is promoting. Rather, you're probably just trying to grab your McNuggets or McFlurry or Big Mac to go, go, go!

However, if you happen to be this man, all you really want to hit up McDonald's for is its cheese.

Just its cheese.


A Twitter user decided to swing by McDonald's and see just how minimalistic he could get his lunch to be, by ordering one cheeseburger ... without everything except the cheese.

That's right. His order stipulated that he wanted a single cheeseburger, only with no onion, no ketchup, no mustard, no pickles, no meat patty and no bun.

The man ordered "a cheese."

What's more, he paid the exact same amount for his "cheese" as he would have for the entire cheeseburger, which kind of strips away the point of fast food -- it's supposed to give you a filling meal for a reasonable price!

Would you pay $1.22 for a slice of fake-looking, manufactured McDonald's cheese?

Plenty of Twitter users responded, and many were perplexed by both the man's order, and the price of the bizarre cheese slice meal.

"So like to add cheese to something cost 30 cents but just a slice of cheese..." one Twitter user speculated.

"This confuses me so much," added another.

Here's hoping the Twitter user enjoyed his simple lunch!