This Blessed Elixir Turns Your Booze Into 'Edible Bubbles'

"I'm forever eating bubbles, tasty bubbles in the air."

Forget smuggling a flask into the next tedious event you find yourself forced to attend, because months of research and development have yielded "Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles" — a concoction that will transform your booze (or any other thin liquid) into "tasty edible bubbles."

According to the product description, this truly #blessed innovation was conceived by two children who asked their father: “why can’t bubbles be lickable and made from any liquid?”

And voila! The safe, non-toxic bubble mixture was born.

The elixir comes in a 6-pack of bottles for just under $20; each bottle contains 25 ml of bubble solution with additional space to add your beverage of choice — be it water, lemonade, cold-press coffee, or even gin (although the manufacturer encourages you to skip on thick liquids like milk).

Next, screw the lid back on, gently rock your boozy-bubble bottle, and boom: instant “bubbly deliciousness, ready to be blown all over the place with the included wands.”

Will you be picking up your own portable bubble-brewery any time soon?