This Bottle Lock Protects Your Wine From Freeloaders (Photo)

Few things are more satisfying than popping open that aged vino gifted especially for special occasions on, well, a special occasion.

And few things are more infuriating than popping said bottle days later -- depleted of its aged decadence by a roommate's misplaced sense of hospitality. Or maybe, they just like to freeload.

Whatever the unfortunate case may be, you -- the holder of precious alcohol -- find yourself in quite the quandary. Given the odds that your thieving roommate or house guest or unidentifiable liquor bandit will strike again, one company, WdtPro, came up with a "klepto-proof" solution for keeping hooch from getting into the wrong hands.

Enter: A wine lock. Unlike a liquor cabinet with lock-and-key capabilities, the wine lock is the ultimate protection against thirsty roommates and safeguards your bottles individually while doubling as a preservation device. Thief-proof? Check. Sealed freshness? Check.

The mechanism is simple, too. The wine lock, which also fits most beer and liquor bottles, goes around the bottle cap with a snap-on saver cork. Atop is a three-digit combination lock that locks around the mouth of the bottle, keeping your liquor safe, sealed and fresh.

It's also youth-guarded -- or in other words, if you've got unaccompanied teenagers around the "experimental age" seeking to score props from their fellow minors while you're away, this nifty gadget has got your back. Priced handsomely at $9.99 on Amazon, these locks can ensure that only you and your appointed guests will get a sip of your liquor collection.

As important as it is to secure your booze, it is of equal importance to know how to properly store your alcohol (because what's the use of a safeguarding skunky beer or musty wine?). So here's a quick primer on alcohol storage for your optimal liquor enjoyment.

First commandment: Keep alcohol away from the sun's harmful UV rays. As it turns out, your epidermis and your weekend hooch have a common enemy. Second commandment: Store liquor in a place with consistent temperature. Or in other words, the top of your fridge is no good. And last but not least, keep your liquor in a cool, dry place. Happy drinking!