This Brownie Bowl Hack Will Change Your Life (Video)

In case you had not yet noticed, we have a serious sweet tooth. Creamy, tangy, chocolatey -- everything is fair game as long as it's sweet.

No matter how many fancy, elaborate desserts we eat, however, ice cream sundaes will always retain a prominent place in our hearts. There is just something inherently perfect about topping your favorite ice cream flavor with a smorgasbord of delectable toppings and sauces.

Unfortunately, however, there is one part of an ice cream sundae that is inherently un-delicious: the bowl. If you’re anything like us, you understand the heart-wrenching disappointment of reaching the bottom of your bowl and realizing that there is nothing left to eat beyond a smooth, cold, inedible surface.

That’s where our latest genius food hack comes into play: the brownie ice cream sundae bowl (video below). Not only are these beauties perfect for housing as much ice cream and toppings as your heart desires, but they’re also insanely easy to make.

Take a second to imagine the feeling of reaching the end of your ice cream and being left with a perfectly baked brownie, soaked with ice cream and sauce, and simply begging to be eaten. No more inedible bowls for us, thank you very much!

Watch the video below, and then get to baking. We plan to have a batch of brownie bowls in our house at all times from this point forward, just in case a craving strikes!