This Burger Pops Like A Zit And It's Grossing Folks Out (Videos)

Are you a fan of Dr. Pimple Popper? Did you absolutely adore her zit-themed cupcakes?

If you are one of those strong-stomached people, this burger, which hails from New York City's Raw Material restaurant, might just be right up your alley. Just like a giant gross pimple, the bun emits a mess of cheese discharge when you pop it open. And honestly, it looks pretty tasty if you can get past that.

Warning:  you might be grossed out by this burger bun's zit-like behavior.

We have to say, it sounds pretty delicious. How can you go wrong with a delicious grilled chuck-sirloin patty, melted Vermont cheddar cheese and green onions served on a fresh exploding-cheese French roll?

But some people are totally grossed out by it and say that it looks like a huge, disgustingly cheesy zit: Others agree but are fine with that ...

If you go in to order it, you might have to ask for it by special request, since it's not on the menu. Make sure to act fast, because it looks like it might be a limited-supply dish, just like a lot of other stuff at Raw Material, due to their locals-only policy when it comes to their "resourcefully made food," according to the restaurant's website.

"Ethically harvested materials go into our menu, interior, cocktails, [and] retail space," the website says.  "One day we could be foraging for mushrooms, ramps, or fiddleheads, the other day we could be digging through discarded building materials, natural clay deposits, or broken shards of marble as the basis for the current menu or retail items."

We aren't even going to speculate on what they dug up that gave them the inspiration for this burger.