This Burger With Fries And A Shake Will Boost Your Life Expectancy

The world's healthiest burger is a mean, green, longevity-boosting machine. It's packed with 55 superfood ingredients and has the same amount of antioxidants found in six pounds of broccoli. And it's served with a side of purple and orange sweet potato fries and a cacao shake.

It's the Nutri-burger, and it's not messin' around.

Developed by British chef and nutritionist Libby Limon and made available by Groupon, the sandwich aims to give consumers an ultra-healthy version of a fast-food classic.

The patty is made of beets, natto (a soybean product), quinoa and mushrooms, and it is held between a gluten-free matcha brioche bun. The chocolate shake contains trendy health ingredients like cacao, bee pollen and activated nuts.

Why did Limon choose these particular foods?

"I recommend the ingredients used in this meal to my clients individually. ...," she told Metro. "It was lots of fun to be able to use them all in the one dish so we could make it the world’s healthiest meal."

Limon added that the ingredients combat countless health problems. The antioxidants, probiotics and healthy fats are a hangover cure, while other add-ins take care of everything from poor digestion to low sex drive.

Eating the meal will get you more than 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of fiber, vitamins A and C, and iodine. It's even fair game for vegetarians and those avoiding gluten and dairy.

Plus, besides providing a fix of popular superfoods like coconut oil and avocado, the burger allows consumers to try lesser known ingredients like chaga (a medicinal mushroom) and sumac (a tangy spice). 

So, want to eat a burger, fries and shake while boosting your immune system, improving your complexion and reducing stress? Unless you're one lucky winner who gets to try the meal at Magpie & Stump in London, you'll have to make it yourself at home with this recipe, available for free on Groupon.