This Cafe Pays You To Eat There If It's Too Cold Out

Mather's--More Than a Cafe is already a cool place to go in the Chicago area. Like it says in the title, it's more than a cafe … but it does something that (probably) no one else does. It pays you to eat soup on cold days!

Mashable reports that Mather's is running the weather-based soup price deal for the months of January and February 2017, and it works by setting the price of soup according to the day's temperature high. For example, if the high for the day is 22 degrees, your soup is only 22 cents. If that's not enough of a bargain for you, go to Mather's on a day when the temperature is below freezing and the staff will hand you some change when you order soup. There's truly no better deal than that.

According to its website, the cafe offers so much more than breakfast and lunch -- with classes on topics such as flower arranging and Egyptian history, the cafe caters to all kinds. It even hosts senior speed dating and wine tasting. Are you getting the "More Than a Cafe" slogan now?

The restaurant also has a team of culinary professionals serving up delicious breakfast and lunch foods, like eggs benedict, or soups or pastas. This explains (at least a little bit) why the cafe can get away with such a generous soup offer. Mather's feels that it could help everyone get through the harsh winter just a little easier.

Assistant Manager Beth Zoeller says the restaurant is true to its word, even if the temperature falls into the negatives. She even said that some customers last year refused to take the spare change, while others readily accepted it.

If you're in the Chicago area this winter, and you like cream of mushroom, minestrone, cream of broccoli or split-pea soup, this deal is for you! Check the Chicago Tribune's weather forecast to find out what you'll pay for your soup. That's where the cafe gets its prices, so that everyone knows what to expect. While you're there, maybe pop into a yoga class too!