This Cafe Turns Your Dog Into Latte Art (Photos)

OK, this is the ultimate way to honor your dog and show the world that you are the proud owner of a spoiled, happy little drooling furball, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

I know how it is. You've got a custom-painted portrait of your pup. You own socks embroidered with your best friend's breed. You're even saving up for a tattoo of your dog's paw print, birthday or face.

But have you tried a doggy-themed latte? I bet you haven't!

Latte art is probably one of the most impressive -- though short-lived -- food trends out there. And it never ceases to amaze me when somebody hands me an espresso drink with a fancy leaf or artful loops swirled in the foam.

But if somebody served me one of THESE in the uncanny likeness of my dog, my mind would be blown:


How incredible is this latte art?


Do you love it as much as I do? Bring a photo of your dog, cat, cockroach or favorite cartoon character to My Cofi, a cafe in Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and ask them veeeerrrry nicely if they can work their magic.

Unfortunately, though, this isn't an all-the-time deal, and you'll probably strike out if you make one of these special requests during peak hours.

According to Metro, the lattes started out as part of an art exhibition, so it might not be a regular menu item.

But even if you don't get a one-of-a-kind pet recreation on your joe, you can probably still find some other outstanding designs. The cafe's reviews on Trip Advisor say that the shop has "great atmosphere" and "marvelous latte art," which one person said was the best they had seen in all of Taiwan.

Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

Brb, buying a plane ticket to Taiwan …