This Campaign Will Help Make America Dunk(aroos) Again

Alright, 90's kids; let us collectively reminisce about what it was that made our childhood special.

Chokers, of course, clock in pretty high up there; their recent resurgence has been nothing less than a total aesthetic nostalgia-trip. But when it comes to nostalgic childhood tastes and snacks, we all know that Dunakaroos pretty much reign supreme.

Unfortunately for those of us in America, Dunkaroos stopped being sold in 2012, for reasons absolutely infuriating and unknown. In fact, nary a week goes by that I don't hear somebody lament the loss of those sweet little cookies and saccharine icing.

RIP the perfect snack.

However, the time has come to stop despairing, and America has Canada to thank. Luckily, our neighbors up north actually still sell Dunkaroos (bless them) and in an act of near-divinity, Canada has made a choice; it wants to help Make America Dunk Again.

That's right, folks. General Mills, the company that owns Dunkaroos, has actually launched the most wonderful campaign in recent history. It's called Smugglaroos, and it is a collaborative effort between America and Canada, in which willing Canadians sign up as volunteers to deliver Dunkaroos to American volunteers in the United States.

Think of it as a sharing service much like Uber; the Uber "driver"/Canadian "exporter" goes and meets up with the Uber "passenger"/American "importer" and the snack exchange is made.

Voila! Dunakroos in the states, ya'll!

Luckily, the company has thought way, way ahead and has already published a set of safety guidelines for exporters and importers to check out before deciding to participate. You can check them out here.

"Despite declining sales, nostalgia for the '90s snack lives on: Americans pay high costs -- as much as $70 Canadian for a pack of 12 -- to have Dunkaroos shipped from Canada, or even create their own homemade recipes for a small taste of their childhood," reads a press release, according to Popsugar. This overwhelming demand led to the creation of Smugglaroos in an effort to reignite the Dunk love and provide access on both sides of the border. Smugglaroos is a fun and cheeky way to connect Canadians with Americans who want Dunkaroos, but can't get them."