This Captain Morgan Rum Commercial Was Banned For A Very Interesting Reason (Video)

The Captain Morgan brand released a TV advertisement (video below) back in May that sparked controversy and brought out the pitchforks, so to speak. The commercial seemed innocent enough at first, but upon further discussion, maybe wasn’t so appropriate after all.

It featured a man dancing and swinging from a rope during a party on a ship. There’s music, there’s dancing and everyone’s having a good time. The man featured had the face of Captain Morgan superimposed over his own. Throughout the commercial, text reads: “Captain the dance floor,” “Captain the night,” “Put your Captain face on,” and finally, “Live like the Captain.”

Apparently, some found this in poor taste. According to The Guardian, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received complaints from the Alcohol Concern charity stating the ad implies that drinking enhances confidence. Further concern was that the ad makes this man look popular and like a leader, and that alcohol is needed in order for the party to be a success.

In response, Diageo, owner of the Captain Morgan brand, argues that the ad is simply representing its style. Captain Morgan is a fun brand, known for fun commercials. The man with the Captain’s face is only there to represent the personality of Captain Morgan.

While the ASA agrees with Diageo on the point that the commercial didn’t communicate a need for alcohol at the party in order for it to be a successful event (alcohol wasn’t even shown at the party!), Marketing Week reports that the ASA does agree with Alcohol Concern that the commercial implies that drinking instills confidence.

While obviously peeved at this response, Diageo was at least grateful that the ASA agreed with them somewhat. As a result of all of this turmoil, the ad has been banned and Captain Morgan has been prohibited from using it again. Personally, I think we’re making a big deal of nothing, but, as a diehard fan of the Captain, I might be biased.

Take a look at the commercial in the video below and go ahead and make your own judgement: